October 31, 2016


Jacobite Chicken £13.95

Tender chicken breast topped with Scottish haggis, onions, presented with a whisky & mushroom cream sauce. Served with Douphinoise potato’s & chantenay carrots

Chicken Enchilada £13.95

Sautéed strips of chicken, vegetables & jalapenos in our spicy cream sauce. Wrapped in a tortilla covered with melted cheese presented with saffron rice

Rump of Lamb £16.95

Pan fried rump of lamb presented with a pear & mint gravy, dauphinoise potato’s & chantenay carrots

Pork Stroganoff £12.95

Strips of marinated pork sautéed with onions, mushrooms & flambé, with brandy finished paprika & fresh cream, presented with saffron rice

Pork Milanese £12.95

Pan fried escalope of pork coated in parmesan cheese & breadcrumbs set on a bed of tomato linguine

Steak and Scottish Real Ale Pie £11.95

Delicious tender pieces of prime Scottish beef slowly cooked in Scottish Real Ale & rich gravy topped with puff pastry, served with garden peas & seasoned chips.